Pioneer AVH 120BT Wiring Diagram and Manual

If you’re in the market for a car stereo receiver, the Pioneer AVH-120BT is a great choice. It features an in-car audio and video receiver that’s designed to enhance the connectivity and entertainment of your smartphone. Its built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to make calls and listen to music while using your device. Other features include a built-in camera and a variety of safety features.

Before you can install the receiver in your car, you’ll need to have a wiring diagram. This diagram will give you the necessary details to properly connect the wires and the various components of the device. Doing so will allow you to easily follow the instructions and start the connection process.

Pioneer AVH 120BT Wiring Diagram for Rear Panel

pioneer avh 120bt wiring diagram for rear panel
pioneer avh 120bt wiring diagram for rear panel
  1. This product
  2. Antenna jack
  3. Wired remote input. Connect to steering wheel control interface of your vehicle. For more details, consult your dealer.
  4. Power supply
  5. Fuse (10 A)
  6. Front output
  7. Rear/Subwoofer output

Pioneer AVH 120BT Power Cord Wiring Diagram

pioneer avh 120bt wiring diagram for power cord
  1. To power supply.
  2. Power cord.
  3. Yellow. To terminal supplied with power regardless of ignition switch position.
  4. Red. To electric terminal controlled by ignition switch (12 V DC) ON/OFF.
  5. Orange/white. To lighting switch terminal.
  6. Black (ground). To vehicle (metal) body.
  7. Violet/white. Of the two lead wires connected to the back lamp, connect the one in which the voltage changes when the gear shift is in the REVERSE (R) position. This connection enables the unit to sense whether the car is moving forward or backward.
  8. Blue/white. Connect to system control terminal of the power amp (max. 300 mA 12 V DC).
  9. Light green. Used to detect the ON/OFF status of the parking brake. This lead must be connected to the power supply side of the parking brake switch.
  10. Power supply side.
  11. Parking brake switch.
  12. Ground side.

Pioneer AVH 120BT Speaker Leads Wiring Diagram

pioneer avh 120bt speaker leads wiring diagram
pioneer avh 120bt speaker leads wiring diagram
  1. To power supply
  2. Power cord
  3. Left
  4. Right
  5. Front speaker
  6. Rear speaker
  7. White
  8. White/black
  9. Gray
  10. Gray/black
  11. Green
  12. Green/black
  13. Violet
  14. Violet/black

NOTE : With a two-speaker system, do not connect anything to the speaker leads that are not connected to speakers.

Pioneer AVH 120BT Power AMP Wiring Diagram

Power AMP wiring diagram without internal AMP. Important : The speaker leads are not used when this connection is in use.

pioneer avh 120bt wiring diagram for power amp without internal amp

Power AMP wiring, with internal amp. Front speaker and Rear speaker are output from the speaker leads when this connection is in use.

pioneer avh 120bt wiring diagram for power amp with internal amp
  1. System remote control. Connect to Blue/white cable.
  2. Power amp (sold separately).
  3. Connect with RCA cable (sold separately).
  4. To Rear or subwoofer output.
  5. Rear speaker or subwoofer.
  6. To Front output.
  7. Front speaker.
  8. Subwoofer.

You can change the RCA output of the subwoofer depending on your subwoofer system. The subwoofer output of this product is monaural.

Pioneer AVH 120BT Wiring Diagram for Rear Camera

pioneer avh 120bt wiring diagram for camera
  1. Rear view camera (ND-BC8) (sold separately).
  2. To video output.
  3. RCA cable (supplied with ND-BC8).
  4. This product.
  5. Rear view camera input (R.C IN).
  6. Power supply.
  7. Power cord.
  8. Violet/white (REVERSE-GEAR SIGNAL INPUT).

When you use the rear view camera, the rear view image is automatically switched from the video by moving the shift lever to REVERSE (R). Camera View mode also allows you to check what is behind you while driving.

For mounting the camera, follow the instructions for mounting the camera. Use a camera whose power lead is connected to the ACC switch. Connect only the rear view camera to R.C IN. Do not connect any other equipment. Some appropriate settings are required to use rear view cameras.

  • The screen image may appear reversed.
  • With the rear view camera you can keep an eye on trailers, or back into a tight parking spot. Do not use for entertainment purposes.
  • Objects in rear view may appear closer or more distant than in reality.
  • The image area of full-screen images displayed while backing or checking the rear of the vehicle may differ slightly.

Pioneer AVH 120BT Wiring Diagram for External Video

pioneer avh 120bt wiring diagram for external video component and the display
  1. This product.
  2. AUX input.
  3. Mini-jack AV cable (sold separately).
  4. Yellow.
  5. Red, white.
  6. To Yellow.
  7. To Red, white.
  8. RCA cables (sold separately).
  9. To video output.
  10. To audio outputs.
  11. External video component (sold separately).

Precautions before connecting the system

  • It’s important to note that the parking brake interlock system is in place to protect you. If you remove or tamper with this component, it could cause serious injury.
  • Secure all wiring with cable clamps or electrical tape. Do not allow any bare wiring to remain exposed.
  • If the product’s yellow lead is connected to the car’s battery, it could cause the insulation to fail. This issue could occur if the engine vibration affects the wires passing through the passenger compartment.
  • If the insulation of the yellow lead gets damaged due to contact with metal components, short-circuiting could occur.
  • It’s also important to note that the cables of the receiver should not be wound around the shift lever or the steering column. Doing so could cause them to get damaged and prevent them from working properly.
  • The wires and cables of the receiver should also not come into contact with any of the car’s moving parts, such as the steering wheel, shift lever, and the sliding seat tracks.
  • Do not route wires where they will be exposed to high temperatures.
  • If the insulation of the receiver gets too hot, it could cause the wires to become damaged, which could result in a short circuit.
  • Do not shorten the leads of the receiver’s wires. Doing so could also cause the protection circuit to fail.
  • The receiver should only be used with a negative grounding and a 12-volt battery. Failure to do so could result in a malfunction or a fire. Before installing the receiver, it’s important to remove the battery cable.
  • Cutting the power supply lead of the receiver and tapping into it will not only cause overheating, but it could also exceed its current capacity.

Preventing Damage

When using the receiver’s output as a 4 channel system, it’s recommended that you use speakers that are capable of producing output power of over 50W. Using 1 to 3 speakers is not recommended for this unit. Before connecting the receiver to a power amp, make sure to first ground the ground wire.

Make sure that the ground wire of the receiver is properly connected to the car’s body. The wires of the power amp and other devices should be connected to the car using separate screws. Failure to do so could cause the ground wire to loosen and cause a malfunction.

pioneer avh 120bt grounding

When replacing the fuse, be sure to only use a fuse of the rating prescribed on this product.
In order to prevent short-circuiting, insulating tape should be used to cover the disconnected lead. It’s also important to insulate the unused speaker leads.

For connecting a power amp or other devices to this product, refer to the manual for the product to be connected.

This product cannot be installed in a vehicle without ACC (accessory) position on the ignition switch.

pioneer avh 120bt acc position

Pioneer AVH 120BT Manual PDF

Download the manual to from the link below.