Does Crest Take EBT? What You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered if Crest toothpaste is eligible for purchase using EBT benefits? Maybe you’re one of the many people who are struggling to make ends meet and need to stretch your food stamp dollars as far as possible. There’s no shame in that game, my friends. The good news is that Crest toothpaste is indeed eligible for purchase using your EBT card.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Is it really worth it to use my food stamps to buy toothpaste?” The answer is a resounding yes! Oral hygiene is essential to maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Poor dental hygiene can lead to a host of health issues, including gum disease and even heart disease. Plus, let’s face it – no one wants to be caught with bad breath or yellow teeth. Investing in Crest toothpaste is investing in the health and confidence of both yourself and your family.

But, wait. Before you run out to the store to purchase Crest with your EBT card, there are a few things you need to know. First, not all retailers accept EBT for non-food products. It’s important to check with your local grocery store to see if they allow EBT purchases for items like toothpaste. Additionally, while Crest toothpaste is eligible for purchase using EBT, not all types and flavors of Crest toothpaste may be included. Make sure to read the fine print on the packaging to ensure that you’re purchasing an eligible product.

Overview of Crest

Crest is a well-known brand that specializes in oral hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and whitening strips. The brand was founded in 1955 and has since been providing customers with innovative and effective dental care solutions. Crest is a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world.

Crest has always been at the forefront of dental hygiene research and development. Not only do their products help prevent tooth decay, bad breath, and gum diseases, but they are also designed to cater to specific dental conditions such as sensitivity and enamel erosion. They offer a wide range of products that cater to every age group, from children to senior citizens.

  • Crest 3D White: Whitening toothpaste and strips that remove surface-level and deep stains.
  • Crest Pro-Health: Toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrushes that help improve oral health, including prevention and treatment of cavities, gingivitis, and plaque.
  • Crest Gum and Sensitivity: Toothpaste designed to target and treat sensitivity and to help prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis.
Product NameDescription
Crest Pro-Health ToothpasteA toothpaste that helps fight against cavities, plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath.
Crest 3D WhitestripsWhitening strips that remove surface-level and deep stains, leaving teeth visibly whiter in only a few uses.
Crest Pro-Health Advanced MouthwashA mouthwash that helps kill bad breath germs, prevent cavities and strengthen enamel.

In conclusion, Crest is a well-established brand that provides consumers with a range of excellent dental care products to suit any and every need. Regardless of age or dental condition, Crest has a product that can cater to it. One of the best things about Crest is that they are widely available in many stores, making it easy to get a hold of their products.

What is EBT?

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer, which is a government program that provides assistance with food purchasing for qualifying individuals and families. EBT is used instead of paper food stamps and is loaded with benefits each month that can be used to purchase food items at participating stores.

How does EBT work?

  • EBT benefits are deposited into an electronic account each month
  • A personal identification number (PIN) is used to access the account
  • EBT cards can be used at participating stores to purchase eligible food items

Who is eligible for EBT?

Eligibility for EBT benefits is determined by the government, based on income and household size. Those who receive other types of government assistance may also qualify for EBT. Each state has its own eligibility requirements and application process.

What can be purchased with EBT?

EBT benefits can only be used to purchase certain food items such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and bread. Non-food items, alcohol, and tobacco cannot be purchased using EBT benefits

Eligible FoodsIneligible Items
Meat, poultry, and fishAlcohol
Dairy products and eggsTobacco products
Cereals, grains, and pastaPrepared foods (hot or cold)
Fruits and vegetablesPet food
Seeds and plants (for growing food)Cleaning products

It’s important to note that eligibility and allowable items can vary by state.

The Relationship Between Crest and EBT

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll on the global economy, many people are looking for ways to stretch their dollars. One government program that can help with this is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps. The program provides eligible low-income individuals and families with assistance to buy food. Among the companies that accept EBT as a form of payment is Crest.

  • Crest is a well-known brand of oral hygiene products, including toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mouthwash. Many people who rely on EBT benefits to purchase groceries often neglect their oral health because they can’t afford dental care. Crest’s decision to accept EBT is a step in the right direction to help low-income families maintain good oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay.
  • EBT users can purchase Crest products either in-store or online. However, some restrictions may apply, and the types of products that are eligible for purchase may vary from state to state. It’s important to check with your local retailer or online seller before making a purchase to ensure that the item is eligible for EBT payment.
  • The partnership between Crest and EBT not only helps low-income individuals and families access dental health products, but it also supports the economy and local businesses. By providing EBT users with more buying power, they can stimulate the local economy by spending more money at local stores and retailers.

In conclusion, the relationship between Crest and EBT is a positive one that benefits both parties. Low-income households can now access dental care products that are essential to maintaining good oral health. And by accepting EBT, Crest is taking a step toward being more socially responsible while also supporting local businesses and the economy.

So if you’re an EBT user, don’t hesitate to purchase your favorite Crest products to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

StateItem Eligibility
TennesseeToothpaste, Toothbrushes, Floss, and Mouthwash
MichiganOral care items including floss, toothpaste and toothbrushes
CaliforniaToothpaste, Toothbrushes, and Mouthwash

Table: Examples of eligible items in different states

The Process of Using EBT at Crest

Crest offers a convenient payment option for those who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) through the use of an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. The process of using your EBT card at Crest is simple and straightforward.

Steps to Use EBT at Crest

  • Make sure your EBT card is activated and has a valid balance
  • Select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout
  • Inform the cashier that you will be using your EBT card as payment
  • Swipe your EBT card through the card reader or hand it to the cashier
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the keypad
  • Confirm the amount of the purchase and press “OK”
  • If necessary, pay any remaining balance with cash, credit, or debit card

Eligible Items for Purchase with EBT

EBT benefits can only be used to purchase eligible food items. These may include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat and poultry
  • Seafood
  • Dairy products
  • Breads and cereals
  • Snack foods and non-alcoholic beverages

Non-food items such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, and pet food cannot be purchased with EBT benefits.

EBT Card Restrictions

It is important to note that EBT cards are not accepted for online orders or at the pharmacy. Additionally, EBT benefits cannot be used to purchase hot prepared foods, alcohol, or tobacco products at Crest stores.


Convenient payment option for those receiving benefits from SNAPRestrictions on eligible items and store locations
Easy checkout process with clear instructions for usersCannot be used for online orders or at the pharmacy

Overall, using an EBT card at Crest can be a helpful option for those looking to stretch their food budget. With the ability to purchase eligible food items in-store with ease, utilizing an EBT card can assist in providing access to nutritious foods for individuals and families who need it most.

Eligible items to purchase with EBT at Crest

Shopping at Crest with EBT allows customers to purchase eligible items that can provide healthy and nutritious meals for themselves and their families. Here are some of the items that EBT can be used to purchase at Crest.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Breads and cereals
  • Seeds and plants that can be used for home gardens to produce food

EBT can only be used to purchase food items and not for non-food items such as cleaning supplies, cosmetics, or pet food. Non-food items must be paid for separately.

Crest’s commitment to providing healthy food options using EBT

Crest is committed to ensuring that all customers, regardless of their financial situation, have access to healthy food options. The store has a variety of healthy food options and strives to provide affordable pricing for all eligible items. Additionally, Crest has partnered with various local and national organizations to help provide resources and assistance to customers who need it.

Crest also offers various promotions and discounts throughout the year, making healthy food options even more accessible for families and individuals using EBT. For instance, Crest runs weekly specials on healthy food products where customers can save even more on their grocery bills.

How EBT works at Crest

Shopping with EBT at Crest is easy and convenient. Customers simply need to bring their EBT card to the checkout and follow the steps provided by the cashier. The amount of the purchase will automatically be deducted from the customer’s EBT account balance and any remaining balance can be paid with cash, credit, or debit cards.

Types of EBT cards acceptedCrest store locations that accept EBT
SNAP EBTAll Crest store locations
WIC EBTOnly Crest store locations that also accept WIC vouchers

It is important to note that there are some restrictions on the use of EBT, such as the purchase limit per transaction and the types of items that are eligible for purchase. However, Crest staff are always available to assist and provide more information on how to use EBT and navigate its restrictions.

Overall, shopping with EBT at Crest can be a convenient and affordable way for families and individuals to access healthy and nutritious foods.

Restrictions on EBT usage at Crest

If you are a recipient of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and have an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, you might be wondering if you can use it to purchase groceries at Crest. While EBT is a federally-funded program that aims to provide assistance to low-income individuals and families, there are certain restrictions on its use at Crest.

EBT payment restrictions

  • EBT cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, or any non-food items.
  • EBT cannot be used to purchase hot foods or meals that are intended for immediate consumption.
  • EBT can only be used to purchase food items that have been deemed eligible by the USDA under the SNAP program.

Eligible food items for EBT payment

EBT cardholders can purchase a variety of food items at Crest, including:

  • Breads, cereal, and grains
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Seeds and plants that produce food, which can be grown in a home garden

Special rules for EBT payment at Crest

There are special rules that apply when using your EBT card at Crest:

  • You cannot use your EBT card to pay for delivery or pick-up fees.
  • You cannot use your EBT card to pay for taxes, bottle deposits, or other non-food items.
  • It is important to note that Crest does not allow cash back on EBT purchases, so you will need to plan accordingly when making your purchases.


While there are certain restrictions when it comes to using your EBT card at Crest, there are still many eligible food items that you can purchase to help you and your family access healthy, nutritious meals. It is important to be aware of these restrictions and rules to ensure that you are using your EBT card appropriately at Crest and staying within program guidelines.

EBT Eligible ProductsEBT Ineligible Products
Meat, poultry, and fishAlcohol and tobacco
Breads, cereal, and grainsHot foods and meals for immediate consumption
Fruits and vegetablesLottery tickets
Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurtNon-food items
Seeds and plants that produce food

Always check with your local Crest store to determine the exact rules and restrictions for using your EBT card to purchase groceries.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using EBT at Crest

If you are someone who relies on EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) to purchase your groceries, you may be wondering if Crest accepts EBT payments. The good news is that Crest does accept EBT payments, providing a convenient option for those in need of food assistance. However, there are a few benefits and drawbacks to consider when choosing to use EBT at Crest.


  • Convenience: Using EBT at Crest is a convenient option for those who are receiving food assistance. You can shop for groceries without having to worry about carrying cash or finding an ATM to withdraw money.
  • More options: By using EBT at Crest, those on a limited budget can often afford a wider variety of healthy and nutritious food options. This is especially important for families with children who need access to a balanced diet.
  • Privacy: Paying with EBT can provide a level of privacy for those who are receiving food assistance. Unlike cash payments, there is less potential for judgment from others in line or cashiers who may not understand the challenges of living on a limited income.


While there are benefits to using EBT at Crest, there are also some drawbacks to consider:

  • Availability: Not all Crest stores accept EBT payments, so it is important to check with your local store before shopping.
  • Limitations: EBT benefits may have restrictions on what can and cannot be purchased. For example, hot prepared foods are not typically eligible for purchase with EBT.
  • Stigma: Unfortunately, there is still a stigma attached to using EBT that can make some individuals feel ashamed or embarrassed while shopping. This is an unfair and unacceptable consequence of needing food assistance, but it is important to be aware of how you may feel while using EBT at Crest.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, using EBT at Crest can be a good option for those who need it. It provides a convenient and more affordable option for purchasing groceries. However, it is important to be aware of potential limitations and to not let any shame or stigma attached to food assistance prevent you from using this helpful resource.

Convenient for those receiving food assistanceAvailability may be limited
More options for healthy and nutritious foodRestrictions on what can be purchased
Provides a level of privacyStigma attached to using EBT

By understanding the benefits and drawbacks of using EBT at Crest, you can make informed decisions that will benefit you and your family.

Other grocery stores that accept EBT

While Crest may or may not accept EBT, there are numerous other grocery stores around the United States that are equipped to handle these types of transactions. Below are just a few examples:

  • Walmart – This retail giant accepts EBT for both in-store and online purchases.
  • Target – Target allows EBT for grocery and pantry items bought online for same-day pickup or delivery.
  • Kroger – In 35 states, Kroger stores accept EBT for qualifying items such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Safeway – Safeway provides EBT for eligible items, such as cold cuts and dairy products, in some states.
  • Aldi – In some states, Aldi stores accept EBT for qualified products such as fresh produce and packaged snacks.

If you’re considering using EBT at a grocery store, it’s always wise to call the store in advance to ensure they accept this form of payment. Keep in mind that every state has different rules for what EBT can and cannot be used for, so what is available at one store may not be eligible at another.

How to find grocery stores that accept EBT in your area

To find out which grocery stores in your area accept EBT, you can search online for your state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) retailer locator. This tool should show you all eligible stores in your area and what products they accept for EBT purchases.


Topic:Other Grocery Stores that Accept EBT
Content:Walmart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Aldi, and more accept EBT. Check with individual stores about their policies and which items qualify. Use SNAP retailer locators to find eligible stores in your area.

With so many grocery stores accepting EBT, it has never been easier to use government assistance to buy groceries. Remember to always check with the store beforehand and review your state’s EBT guidelines to ensure you’re purchasing eligible items.

Government regulations on EBT usage

As a government-funded program, there are strict regulations surrounding the use of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. These regulations aim to prevent misuse and fraud while ensuring that the benefits reach those who are eligible. Here are some of the key regulations:

  • EBT cards can only be used to purchase certain types of products, including food items and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol, tobacco, and other restricted items cannot be purchased with EBT cards.
  • EBT cards cannot be used to withdraw cash, with a few exceptions. Some states allow cash withdrawals at certain retailers, and others allow cash-back with a purchase at specific stores.
  • EBT cardholders must keep track of their benefits and spending to ensure that they do not exceed their monthly allotment. Any unused benefits do not roll over to the next month, so it is important to use them wisely.

In addition to these regulations, there are also specific rules regarding the acceptance of EBT cards at retailers like Crest. Retailers must be authorized by the government to accept EBT cards, and they must follow certain procedures when processing transactions. For example, retailers must verify the balance on the card and ensure that the purchase is eligible before processing the payment.

If a retailer is found to be in violation of EBT regulations, they may face penalties and even lose their authorization to accept EBT payments. Therefore, it is crucial for retailers like Crest to follow these regulations to avoid any legal or financial consequences.

Recent changes in EBT regulations

EBT regulations are subject to change based on legislative updates and program updates. In 2020, the federal government passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which provided additional funding and flexibility for EBT programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This included expanding the types of food items that could be purchased with EBT benefits and providing emergency benefits to eligible households.

It is important for both EBT cardholders and retailers like Crest to stay informed about any changes in EBT regulations to ensure compliance and understanding of the program.

EBT usage statistics

According to recent data from the USDA, over 38 million people participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which uses EBT cards to distribute benefits. In the fiscal year of 2019, SNAP participants redeemed over $88 billion in benefits, with the majority of purchases being made at supermarkets and superstores.

Top Retailers for SNAP redemptions (2019)Percentage of SNAP redemptions
Kroger Company9.7%
Albertsons Companies5.9%
Ahold Delhaize4.4%

These statistics highlight the significance of EBT usage in the United States and the importance of responsible usage for both cardholders and retailers.

The impact of EBT on low-income households

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is a payment system that allows individuals to use their government-issued benefits, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), at participating retailers. EBT has had a significant impact on low-income households, especially those experiencing food insecurity.

  • Increased Access to Nutritious Food: EBT has made it easier for low-income households to access healthy and nutritious food. SNAP benefits can be used to purchase a variety of food options, including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. This has led to improvements in the overall health of individuals and families.
  • Reduced Stigma: EBT has also helped reduce the stigma associated with government assistance programs. Because the EBT card looks like a regular debit card, individuals can purchase food without drawing attention to themselves or feeling ashamed.
  • Improved Convenience: EBT has made it more convenient for individuals to access their benefits. Instead of having to go to a government office to pick up food stamps, individuals can now simply use their EBT card at their local grocery store.

However, there are also some drawbacks to the EBT system for low-income households.

One issue is the limited availability of healthy food options at some participating retailers. In some low-income neighborhoods, there may be few grocery stores that accept EBT, and the ones that do may not have a wide selection of healthy food options.

Another issue is the stigma that still exists around the use of EBT. While the EBT card looks like a regular debit card, some individuals may still feel embarrassed about using it in public. This can lead to social isolation and reduced self-esteem.

Overall, EBT has had a significant impact on low-income households, providing increased access to nutritious food and reduced stigma. While there are still some challenges to overcome, the EBT system has helped improve the lives of millions of individuals living in poverty.

7 FAQs About Does Crest Take EBT

Q: Does Crest accept EBT?
A: Yes, Crest does accept EBT as a form of payment for eligible food items.

Q: What is EBT?
A: EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer. It is a system that allows recipients of government assistance like SNAP to purchase food using a debit card.

Q: What kind of food items can be purchased with EBT at Crest?
A: You can use EBT to purchase food items that are eligible under the SNAP program. This includes items like meat, dairy products, bread, and fruits and vegetables.

Q: Can I use EBT to purchase non-food items at Crest?
A: No, EBT can only be used to purchase eligible food items. Non-food items like household supplies or personal care products cannot be purchased using EBT.

Q: Can I use EBT for online orders at Crest?
A: No, EBT can only be used in-store at Crest locations.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can purchase with EBT at Crest?
A: There is no specific limit to how much you can purchase with EBT at Crest. However, there are limitations on what types of items are eligible for purchase with EBT.

Q: Do all Crest locations accept EBT?
A: Generally, yes. However, it is always recommended to check with your local Crest store to confirm their policy on EBT payments.

Thanks for Reading!

We hope that these FAQs have answered any questions you may have had about whether or not Crest accepts EBT. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Crest store for more information on their specific policies regarding EBT payments. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at Crest soon!