Clarion M505 Wiring Diagram and Manuals

The M505 is an audio system that’s ideal for boats. It features a two-line LCD display that’s capable of displaying various information. Its connectors are also designed to prevent corrosion, and it comes with a protective cover.

Here you can find Clarion M505 wiring diagram and manuals.

Clarion M505 Wiring Diagram

clarion m505 wiring diagram and manual
clarion m505 wiring diagram

Clarion M505 Spesification

Frequency Bands (FM/AM)FM : 87.9-107.9MHz steps auto/manual : 100/200kHz
AM : 530-1710kHz steps auto/manual : 9/10kHz
FM usable sensitivity (dBf)8
FM alternate channel selectivity (dB)60
FM stereo separation @1 kHz (dB)30
FM stereo freq. resp. @ ±3 dB (Hz)30 to 15,000
Maximum Power Output50W × 4
Power Output (CEA2006 Power Ratings)20W × 4
Dimensions (W × H × D) (Inches)7-1/8 × 2 × 6-1/2
Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm)180 × 50 × 165
Power consumptionless than 15 A
Speaker impedance4Ω (4Ω to 8Ω allowable)

Clarion M505 Installation Manual

This set is only for use with a 12v negative ground power supply. Before starting, make sure to disconnect the battery’s terminal. This will prevent short circuits from forming during installation.

The M505 should not be opened during installation. There are no user-friendly parts inside. If you find any issues, contact your local dealer or service center.

To clean the case, use a dry and soft cloth. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, such as benzine, alcohol, or rough cloth. For hard dirt, you can use warm or cold water to clean the surface.

Step before installation

  1. Prepare all articles necessary for installing the source unit before starting.
  2. Install the unit within 30° of the horizontal plane. (Figure 2)
  3. If you have to do any work on the vessel body, such as drilling holes, consult your vessel dealer beforehand.
  4. Use the enclosed screws for installation.

Source Unit Installation

  1. The mounting bracket should be placed inside the instrument panel. To secure the mounting bracket, use a screwdriver to twist the ends inward.
  2. After the source unit has been inserted into the mounting bracket, take care of the trim ring’s top and bottom to ensure that the hooks are locked.
  3. Some models have special mounting kits that need to be installed properly. Consult with your dealer about this issue. Also, fasten the front stopper to prevent it from coming loose.
  4. Make sure that the connections are made correctly to ensure that the unit operates properly. Also, avoid using unauthorized accessories since they can damage the unit. Before installing the source unit, make sure that all power cables are connected.
  5. Avoid installing the source unit near hot areas, such as the laser head. Doing so could lead to damage to the electrical components. Also, make sure that the wires are connected properly to avoid electric sparks.

Console opening dimensions:

clarion m505 console opening dimensions
clarion m505 console opening dimensions

Clarion M505 Unit Installation Method A

  1. Insert the mounting bracket into the dashboard, choose the appropriate mounting tab according to the gap width and bend the mounting tab outwards with a screwdriver to fix the mounting bracket in place.
  2. Slide the unit into the bracket until you hear a click.
clarion m505 unit installation first method
clarion m505 unit installation first method

Clarion M505 Unit Installation Method B

  1. Insert this unit directly into the opening in the dashboard.
  2. Place M5 × 7 cylindrical screws through the holes in the mounting frame located inside the opening to the holes of the unit and fasten the screws to left & right.
clarion m505 unit installation 2nd method
clarion m505 unit installation 2nd method

Trim ring installation

The trim ring should be attached to the front panel. Mount the top and bottom of the ring to secure the hooks.

clarion m505 unit installation trim ring installation
clarion m505 unit installation trim ring installation

Clarion M505 Operational Buttons and Functions

clarion m505 wiring diagram operational panel

[BAND] Button:

• TUNER mode – Select tuner band
• SiriusXM mode – Select tuner band / Category Search (Press and Hold)

[/SRC ] Button:

• Toggle the audio source
• Power On / Power Off (Press and Hold)

[PS/AS] Button:

• Tuner mode – Preset scan
• Tuner mode – Auto memory store (Press and Hold)
• SiriusXM mode – Category scan / Preset scan(Press and hold)

[<</>>] Button:

• Tuner mode – Station up/down
• USB/iPod/BT mode – Previous / next track
• USB/iPod/BT mode – Fast Forward / Backward (Press and Hold)
• Pandora mode – Skip track

[MENU] Button:

• USB mode – Search function
• iPod mode – iPod menu / iPod control (Press and hold)
• Pandora mode – Pandora menu
• SiriusXM mode – Replay mode / SiriusXM menu (Press and hold)

[1~6] Buttons:

• [1] Button: Scan play / Preset station 1
• [2] Button: Repeat play / Preset station 2
• [3] Button: Random play / Preset station 3
• [4] Button: Play / Pause / Top play (Press and Hold) / Preset station 4
• [5] Button: Previous folder / Preset station 5 Pandora mode – Thumbs down
• [6] Button: Next folder / Preset station 6 Pandora mode – Thumbs up

[SOUND] Button : Sound effect setting.

[VOLUME] Knob : Adjust volume level.

[ISR] Button : Recall ISR station stored in memory and store current station in ISR memory (Press and Hold).

[MUTE] Button: Mute or Unmute the audio output / Confirm / Display Off the LCD screen (Press and Hold).

Clarion M505 Remote Control Manual

clarion m505 remote control manual diagram

[/SRC ] Button:

• Toggle the audio source
• Power On / Power Off (Press and Hold)

[<</>>] Button:

• Preset up/down, Station up/down (Press and Hold)
• Previous / next track
• Fast Forward / Backward (Press and Hold)
• Pandora mode – Skip track

[SCN/PS/AS] Button:

• Scan play / Preset scan
• Auto memory store (Press and Hold)
• SiriusXM mode – Channel scan (in current category) / Preset scan (Press and Hold)

[BAND/TOP] Button:

• USB mode – Top play
• TUNER mode – Select tuner band
• SiriusXM mode – Select tuner band, quit Replay (Replay mode) / Select category (Press and hold)

[RDM] Button:

• Random play [RPT] Button
• Repeat play [ISR] Button
• Recall ISR station stored in memory and store current station in ISR memory (Press and Hold)

[Up/Down] Button: Volume up / down

[ >|| ] Button: Play / Pause

[MUTE] Button: Mute or Unmute the audio output.

[DISP] Button: Display switch

Clarion M505 Troubleshooting

Unit cannot power on.Unit fuse blown.Replace with new fuse of correct rating.
Vessel battery fuse blown.Replace with new fuse of correct rating.
No/low audio output.Incorrect audio output connection.Check wiring and correct.
Volume set too low.Increase volume level.
Speakers damaged.Replace speakers.
Heavily biased volume balance.Adjust the channel balance to center position.
Speaker wiring is in contact with metal part of vessel.Insulate all speaker wiring connections.
Poor sound quality or distortion.Speaker power rating does not match unit.Replace speakers.
Wrong connections.Check wiring and correct.
Speaker is shorted.Check wiring and correct.
Unit resets itself when engine is off.Incorrect connection between ACC and Battery.Check the wiring and correct.
USB device cannot be inserted.The USB device has been inserted incorrectly.Reverse the connection direction of the USB device and try again.
The USB connector is broken.Replace with a new USB device.
USB device is not recognized.The USB device is damaged or connectors are loose.Disconnect the USB device and reconnect. If the device is still not recognized, try replacing it with a different USB device.
No sound heard with the display “No File” shown.No MP3/WMA file is stored in the USB device.Store these files properly in the USB device.
Sound skips or is noisy.MP3/WMA files are not encoded properly.Use properly encoded MP3/WMA files.
Cannot pair the Bluetooth enabled device with the audio system.The device does not support the profiles required for the system.Use another device to connect.
The Bluetooth function of the device is not enabled.Refer to the user manual of the device for how to enable the function.
Audio quality is poor after connection with a Bluetooth-enabled device.The Bluetooth reception is poor.Move the device closer to the audio system or remove any obstacle between the device and the system.

SiriusXM Advisory Messages

CHECK TUNERCheck the SiriusXM tuner connection on the back of the unit to ensure that it is connected correctly.
CHECK ANTENAEnsure the SiriusXM antenna cable is connected to the SiriusXM tuner correctly. Check the SiriusXM antenna wire for breaks or sharp bends. Replace the antenna if necessary.
NO SIGNALThe vessel must be outside, and the antenna must have a clear view of the southern sky.The magnetic antenna must be mounted on the outside of the vessel for the best reception.
CHAN UNSUBThis channel is not included in your SiriusXM subscription plan. To subscribe, call 1-866-635-2349 in the USA and in Canada call 1-877-438-9677.
CH UNAVAILThis channel is not a valid SiriusXM channel. The channel number has been entered incorrectly, or the channel was removed from the SiriusXM channel lineup
CH LOCKEDThe channel that you have requested is Locked by the radio Parental Control feature. See Parental Control on page 12 for more information on the Parental Control feature and how to access locked channels.
SUBSCRIPTN UPDATEDAn update to your SiriusXM subscription has been received by the SiriusXM tuner. Press any button to continue.

For a complete manuals, download the PDF below.