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What is a good cheap or free circuit design program


I just want to make a schematic to share my project that I did with the Esquilo board.

Doesn't have to simulate anything but it would be nice if I could drag the Esquilo to the layout and connect to it but that might be asking to much. I did see that Autodesk I think had something like that for the Arduino.




Frizting is pretty good for that: (and free).

We've used it writeup projects for

But you need an Esquilo part to use. For my demo, I just defined the pins that I needed to use, but Scott may have done a more complete definition. I'll ask him to post it, if so.

We'd love to see your project, if you plan to make it public. On this forum and/or would be great.


Here's the Fritzing part I used for the Hunter Shield write-up at

In Fritzing, right click in the Parts window on the right and select Import...


Cool, that's awesome, thanks guys.