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WebSocket on the Esquilo, does it use the http server?


I've been having a problem where the http server on the Esquilo becomes unresponsive yet my program it still running. I can't even connect to the IDE and end up having to power off and back on.

I was wondering if the WebSocket used something different that I may talk to the Esquilo even if the web server on the Esquilo is not responding, also maybe use it to take some of the load off the web server.

My only guess is that there is maybe a memory leak somewhere because it usually takes the Esquilo running 6 or more hours before it starts having problems but sometimes longer.

I usually power it off at night just so it has a fresh start in the morning.

Also, would putting a reset button on my box be easier on the Esquilo than powering it off then on. I wait about 10 seconds before turning it back on so I'm not doing it quickly.

Any Ideas would be most appreciated.

I don't know if this is practical but would a debug build of a image that logs a bunch of stuff help narrow down this problem. I don't know if it can be reproduced by others.

If you want to look at my code I'm happy to share it with you.