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Web server issues, timeouts, server errors


I have two erpc calls to the Esquilo, one at 5 seconds and another at 3. It seems after everything has been running for a long time that I start getting Request Timeout, HTTP Status 0 errors and one more that I can't think of right now.

Am I overloading the http server with my two ERPC calls? When I have the IDE up sometimes when it starts doing this the memory is in the yellow and almost to the end of the bar. When the Esquilo first starts the memory is maybe a little past half way across the bar, around 60% maybe.

I'm wondering if there is a memory leak or something.

Is there anything I can look at to see what is happening?

I usually have to power off the Esquilo to get it going again. Can't even get to the IDE, it times out.




If you haven't upgraded to the latest EOS you might try that. I had some resetting problems that went away after I upgraded.


Thanks bluerondo7, I checked to make sure and it's at the latest version available.

Would network errors give me errors like that in the browser?

Sometimes it crashes Firefox on my windows 10 computer and a Raspberry pi 2 running ubuntuMATE with Firefox when it starts getting these errors. I guess I should probably let it try a couple time to connect then tell it to stop checking.

I use that as my monitor so I don't have to keep switching to the browser to check.


I also had some issues with Firefox using a macbook. I started using Safari and the issues went away. Sorry, I can't remember the details it's been a while since i've worked on it but I think I commented on that in another post.


Thanks bluerondo7, I'm running it on a Mac too with Safari and it gets the same errors but doesn't crash.

I was looking at my JavaScript code and I think I can fix it so I retrieve less data from the ERPC calls. Not sure if it's going to help but it's worth a try.

The errors usually happens towards the end of the day, I have two computers looking at the page on the Esquilo all day long so that is why I'm wondering if it is not releasing memory or something and that when I've had the IDE open while it happened the memory was yellow or red but I can't get a % of memory used as the IDE isn't responding by that time either.

Today I had problems and closed all the browsers that were connected to the Esquilo before powering off and then on and it went much better as far as a restart goes. After the restart the browsers were able to connect quickly with no problems. That makes me feel much better and can deal with it till a solution can be found.

Thanks for your input.