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Watchdog Class to restart the Esquilo


I've had a problem today where the Esquilo locked up, has happened a couple times, and left one of the heaters on. The person that turned everything on wasn't paying that close of attention like I do and one tank went way about the max temperature of the tank plastic. Thankfully the tank didn't fail.

My question is, if the normal code locks up will the watchdog still work, Is it in it's own processing and memory space as not to be affected by the main code. From the documentation it sounds like it but want to make sure.

My second question, is there a way after the Esquilo reboots to know if it was the watchdog that restarted the Esquilo so I can send an alert or something as I make sure all the heater GPIOs are off when everything starts up.




The watchdog is completely independent of the software. Regardless if the failure is in your Squirrel code or the underlying EOS, the processor will reboot if the watchdog is not refreshed. We don't have a function in the current EOS to detect a watchdog reboot but I think it could be added without much fuss. There is a register in the processor that tells the boot reason.