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USB Serial Communication


I need to make a program that will communicate through USB. I have changed the EOS Shell to UART 0, but i cannot receive anything to the Esquilo COM. What can i do? I tried the examples on the documentation but i have no success. The only thing that compiled was the Arduino version that blinks a led and prints the counter on serial, but i havent received anything on COM.

What could i do?


Have you tried using the USBSerial library?

Are you trying to communicate through the USB port on the Esquilo or through the UART on pins 0 (RX) & 1 (TX)?

If it is through the UART, is the device you are trying to connect TTL level? Do you need RS-232? If so you will need some kind of level converter. I've played with a few different types.

For using the UART you need to use the UART libary:

I know this is an old topic, if it isn't still an issue please ignore.


Here is one kind of RS232 converter I've used, it is a shield...

This kind work well also and they are smaller and cheaper and can be easier to work into a design:

Another option is something like this, if you need USB serial to the Esquilo UART pins...