An archive of as of Saturday January 26, 2019.

Suggestions for the next Esquilo or EOS


As I've been using my Esquilo, I've came up with a few suggestions if you do a second model.

I made this a poll, too, incase someone wants to vote on them or something.

  • IR Transmitter and receiver (connect your tv to the internet, combine 2 Esquilos and create a remote control, retrofit an old RC car to make it self drive, etc)
  • Bluetooth
  • Compatibility with other languages (I would really like Javascript compatibility, although I understand the problems with a interpreted language)
  • lib files built-in
  • normal shell access over ssh
  • sftp
  • larger pre-installed SSD (optional, maybe)
  • wifi setup over wps


You may choose up to 8 options.


And I thought of these after I created the poll:

  • editor themes
  • soft tabs
  • shift-tab

Some of the suggestions are probably trash (actually, most of them are...), but some of them would be really cool. I'm sorry if I'm being a bit annoying, though.


I too have been using the esquilo in more things. It is fairly capable.

After an initial period of adaptation, I have come to recognize some merit.
At first Squirrel seemed a bit unlikely a choice, but after getting used to it, it isn't bad. It is actually pretty good.
One of my biggest beefs is with authentication but I am working on that. I will probably post on that separately later.

If you compare Eqsuilo to particles, it seems very expensive at first but then you realize that particles will require a pi running node. And then the price comparison is in esquilo's favor.

I am with you on language support, in that price range, some of the contenders:
- pi: anything you want
- particle: JS
- wipy: python

In almost all cases, the pi is pretty compelling, price and capability wise, even though wifi and bluetooth require external dongles, those are both cheap and well supported.

Esquilo offers a nicely packaged wifi that works a treat, but above all, the ERPC is the major feature here.
You can get something up and running in no time thanks to ERPC.
My first project was to wire Esquilo to my ancient garage door opener.
That took about an hour from first time opening, getting acquainted with Squirrel and actually wiring it to the opener.

That was -bar none- my fastest project ever from start to finish. And I believe that is the real value here. It is that you can actually get something useful done and it doesn't have to take a month, night and week-end included.

Recognizing that Esquilo is most differentiated in the "0-to-60" department, I would encourage the team to focus some of their effort in better supporting HTML/CSS/JS editing right in the IDE, maybe through partnerships, I don't know. Thinking out loud here...