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Suggestion for Prototyping Shield


Something that I thought would be cool and very useful would be a Prototyping shield that had a breadboard.

See this Adafruit quarter size board, very nice.

You might not be able to have + and - rails on both sides and may have to take out a few rows of pins long ways to make it fit but you could easily put a dip chip or transistor, and anything else you could build on a board like this. I know the shield size is a bit skinny but maybe one or two holes for each stacking pin, if you needed more you could jumper it to a column on the breadboard. Would have worked great I think on the project I've been working on.

Been looking around and haven't seen anything like this that I can remember.




It wouldn't be hard to churn something like that out. Have you looked at this one from AdaFruit?

It has a small breadboard pattern. It would work fine on Esquilo though you would have to jumper from the expansion connector.


Thanks Scott, I must have missed that one though I would like more of it being a bread board but it's a good start.