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Small Error in dht11.nut Comments at the top


It's not in the code but in the comment section at the very top.

This is the part I'm talking about:

// Example usage:
// sensor <- DHT11(/*Pin*/ 6, /*PWM*/ 1, /*Channel*/ 0, /*Divider*/ 256);
// while(true) {
// local values =;
// print(format("humidity: %f%% temperature: %fC\n", values[0], values[1]);
// delay(2000);
// }

There needs to be another ) at the end to close the print command. So it should look like this:
print(format("humidity: %f%% temperature: %fC\n", values[0], values[1]));

Not a big deal but used that code and couldn't figure out why I was getting the error I was.

Also It might be a good thing to add that you need the following libraries to run the code.
Something like:
// This library requires the following libraries though the string library is for the Example Usage code.
// require(["GPIO", "Capture", "string"]);