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Securing Esquilo webpage to outside world


I am working on my first project and I have an issue about security.

I have created a web page and if you hit the button the code runs, the servo runs, and everything is great.

My question is how do I secure the Esquilo so I can open my firewall and allow public access to that page but only that page?

Right now it seems if I can access Esquilo I have access to the whole thing from top to bottom.



You are correct. Access is on or off with no granular control of which URLs can be hit. Maybe we can come up with a setting to at least disable the web IDE...

But you have a couple of options:

  • Enable HTTP authentication under the "Network Services" menu item. This will make any HTTP access require a login. The default is user: admin, password: esquilo. You can change the password with "Password" menu.

  • Register your device with the Esquilo Nest and access it remotely through our proxy.

Thanks for the info.

It would be great to disable access to the IDE. I want to be allow users access to my application but not to the back end.