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Running Adafruit Neopixels?


Hello Im using an esquilo to run adafruit neopixels and having trouble. I'm ok running them on arduino but not sure how to convert the neopixel libraries or include them in my squirrel nut. I'm thinking there's an easier way then going line by line. Please and Thank you


We have a NeoPixel class in the Esquilo library. It is found in /lib/displays/WS2812/WS2812.nut. If you haven't installed the Esquilo library, then insert a micro-SD card and select "Synchronize SD card library" from the Squirrel menu. The only caveat is that you must use UART0 TX (pin 1) or UART1 TX (pin 23) to drive the NeoPixles.

You can also get the code from our git repo:


Thanks for pointing out this library. It works just fine.

One small point. The example usage in the library file instantiates a chain of 4 neopixels, but the random light show is controlling 10 neopixels. If someone (like me) uses the example too literally, they will encounter an error.