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MCP3428 Sensor Driver


Can anyone explain how to make this display work on the esquilo


Not yet for me at least. I just looked up that device and the MCP3428 appears to be a 4 channel 16 bit A to D converter (ADC) with an I2C interface. You can find the data sheet here:

This is similar in function to a device that I have and am planning on doing a tutorial for, the ADS1015, except it is a 2 channel 12 bit A to D converter with an I2C interface.

While I can't make any promises, I would expect that after I do the ADS1015 that extending that code to support the MCP3428 probably wouldn't be a lot more work. When I do the ADS1015 library I will probably start by porting a library from Arduino similar to the one you link to. I would suspect that looking at the delta between the original Arduino ADS1015 library and the Esquilo port that making a similar port of the MCP3428 library from Arduino to Esquilo would be much easier.

How big of a hurry are you in? Is this part of a larger project? I might be persuaded to re-organize my schedule for what tutorials I work on in order to get to the ADS1015 sooner. I had been planning on doing it after a few other sensors I have.