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Is my Esquilo Air dead without repair?



I need help - it seems I completely killed my Esquilo Air. I just hope that there is a way to fix it.

So what happened.
Well all went like that:
1. I connected Esquilo Air to my PC USB port then I used my phone to connect to Esquilo Access point. There was Esquilo Access Point in WiFi list so my phone connected successfully and I could navigate to address
2. I tried to connect Esquilo to my local WiFi router, but it failed (I could select WiFi from the list, but it didn't connect). Then I thought that maybe I should try to connect using telnet.
3. Since I use Windows OS, I installed Esquilo COM port drivers and checked if my PC detects Esquilo port, it was detected successfully and was named "Esquilo USB Port (COM5)"
4. So I tried to connect to Esquilo using PuTTY / PuTTYTel client, but it failed. Then I tried changing port speed from 115200 to some other values but no success.
5. And then something strange happened - now my PC does not see any Esquilo COM port (I tried on 3 different computers) and there is no "Esquilo Access Point" on my phone WiFi list. Power LED is still on, but Network LED is off, if I press "Program Switch" green Status LED turns on and then off, but no blinking and PC does not see any "Esquilo Drive" as it should if device enters boot loader mode.

So is there any hope for my Esquilo Air? Or is it gone forever?


As you are trying, I think you should do an EOS update. Please make sure you're powering up or coming out of reset when pressing the program switch to enter bootloader mode. You can do it as describe here:!eos-update

  1. Remove power
  2. Hold the PROG switch in
  3. Apply power
  4. Release PROG switch

Or you can:

  1. Hold the PROG switch in
  2. Press RESET switch
  3. Release RESET switch
  4. Release PROG switch

Patrick, thank you for your answer.

Well, I tried (both ways), status LED turns on and then off, but there is no blinking (as written in eos-update page). And PC do not see any USB drive, where I could put *.img file.


Hmm. Sorry about that. Not sure what to do without physical access to the board.

If I ship you a new one, can you send that one back? Please send your shipping address to and I'll get one right out to you.