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Hooking up an I2C 20x4 LCD Help needed


Hi, I have this LCD.

I want to hook it up to the Esquilo but not sure if I should follow the instructions to attach it to a Arduino Uno or if I need to hook it up another way for the Esquilo. They have some Arduino code for the LCD but not sure if I should or can use that with the Esquilo. Besides +5 and Ground it has two more pins SCL and SDA. It shows hooking them up to the Arduino using Esquilo pins 20 and 21, ADC0 CH 2 & 3.

I didn't see a LCD library in the Esquilo documentation so not sure where to start.

If someone could point me in the right direction for the hardware setup and software I should be good to go.




We have a driver for a Newhaven serial-based LCD in the Github library:, but the one you have is an I2C one. The driver would need to be ported to use it.

Interfacing, I think you'd hook VCC to 5V, Ground to GND, and the SCL to pin 15 and SDA to pin 14 (putting it on I2C0). The LCD uses a 5V I2C and Esquilo is 3.3V, but I think it may work. I2C is open drain and lets the pins float high and actively pulls low to communicate. Esquilo pins are 5V tolerant too.

I'm planning to port the Grove I2C LCD soon, but I don't know how similar the protocols are.


I am working on a similar 20x4 LCD display from Adafruit with their I2C/SPI backpack and have a solution working for the SPI version. I'll be updating it to handle I2C soon (when I can change the backpack back to I2C-not trivial). During my research on getting it to work, I uncovered a web site covering your display with code to get it running on a RaspberryPi which should be a lot of help getting it to with with the Esquilo Air. The site is

Hope this helps...


Thanks a lot! I'll check it out and see what I can do.