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Hardware layout of mainboard and proto-board


I just received my 2 Esquilo's with the proto-boards. I notice one change I would make to the PCB design in the next run. The SD card should be moved about 1/16" out toward the edge of the card. When the spacers are placed on the drill through screw holes, the holes are about 1/32nd too close to the through headers and the hexagonal portion of the spacer cones down on the SD card holder. Tightening too much could damage the card holder and the spacer does not want to stand straight because it is too tight to the header. Let me know if you need a picture. In summary, the screw hole should be about 1/32nd closer to the edge and the SD Card holder about 1/16 toward the edge.


Thanks for the feedback. I noticed the same thing when installing the Esquilo in the bottom of our 3D squirrel demo with screws. We followed the mounting hole positions used by Arduino but unfortunately, their choice is too close to the header as you've noticed. On the next spin, I'm inclined to move the SD card as you noted but use a slotted hole so that the screw can be moved farther from the header without violating the Arduino footprint.


Are the schematics available somewhere? I do not see a link to them in the Documentation Hardware Schematics


Schematic is now posted to the docs at: