An archive of as of Saturday January 26, 2019.

Esquilo Store Down


I went to order another Esquilo and your store said it was in maintenance a day or two ago. Still says that, are you working on it or did something break?



Hi Jeffery,

Sadly, we are actually in the middle of shutting down the store. Our sales have real slowed and it no longer makes sense to keep the store going. I've been meaning to post a notice about this, but just haven't gotten around to it.

Mouser and Adafruit both still have stock:

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Bummer, should have bought them when I had the chance, they were still at $39.??

I hate to ask but is the Esquilo continue being developed?

Haven't seen any new projects or code or EOS updates in awhile. I promote it every chance I get, I think it is a great platform and working on my third project using the Esquilo.

I have other projects I'm thinking of doing for our business in the future.

And I just placed an order with Mouser, bummer lol.