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Esquilo Resetting


Hello, Been working fine until now. All of a sudden I starting losing connection (local LAN) and then I noticed what was happening is the nut is resetting. I reverted back to the basic Blinky nut program and put a print statement in the beginning and it randomly resets by itself. I'm running .3 OS. It happens with a 9VDC (voltage is good) adapter or USB connection. Any suggestions. Thanks


One more clue maybe, the IDE memory window (bottom right) starts out about mid way green but later gets yellow and eventually red and that's when it resets.


// The status LED is on pin 46 so create a GPIO object on that pin
led <- GPIO(46);

// Create the PWM instance
local pwm = PWM(0);
pwm.duty_cycle(7, 50);

// Beep
for(local i=0;i<3;i++){

print("*** RESET ***");

// Function to toggle the LED state
function blinky()
if (led.ishigh())

// Blink the LED every half second
local passes =0;
while (true)
print("Passes=" + passes++ + " ");



Problem disappeared.


Let us know if you see this again. The memory bar definitely indicates that the Esquilo is running out of memory but it's not clear why. It could be due to excessive network connections or traffic.


I was having similar reset/memory problems yesterday during the time when I could not connect to the nest. Are these things related?


I just added code to send emails for various alarms and one when the code starts up. It appears my board is resetting as well. Is there any way to get the system log at startup so I can attach it to the email?



When you run out of memory, you are generally done. If you are using the HTTPC class, especially with SSL (port 443), then you'll need to be extra careful since it can use a lot of memory. Also, be aware that if you are using the Nest tunnel, it will use a fair amount of memory when initially connecting to the Nest since it uses SSL to negotiate the tunnel connection. After the tunnel is negotiated, most of that memory is freed up. If this is happening at boot, I would suggest delaying 10-15 seconds before using HTTPC to give the system a chance to free up the tunnel and other start-up memory.


Good news, it appears the .4 OS upgrade has fixed my resetting problem. It's been running for two days without a reset.



I also have seen more reliable operation with 0.4. Back at Halloween, I had set an Esquilo outside my house with a motion detector. It would work for a while and then stop responding to ERPC calls. After upgrading to 0.4 and after seeing the previous post on this thread, I put the motion detector back outside as a test. It seems to be reliable now. No resets after a day of operation.