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Esquilo listening on port other than 80?


It seems that the Esquilo is listening on port 80. If I forward port 80 on my router to the Esquilo, I can access it directly from outside my house. I have a web server that I want to leave on port 80. Is there a way of putting the Esquilo on another port? I didn't see such an option on the IP settings of the Esquilo.

I know that I can always reach the Esquilo via the nest no matter how port forwarding is configured at my house. I just want to understand what all my options are.


Probably the easiest thing to do is to set up your router to forward from an external port other than 80 (like 8080) to the Esquilo internal IP and port 80. This way you can still access the Esquilo on your LAN at port 80 and just add the redirection port on your WAN IP (e.g. http://:8080/).

I don't think we expose changing the HTTP port, but it's something we could add if requested.


Thanks. I had tried that before and tried again after your reply. No luck making that work. Either the router won't allow this, or I'm just not doing it right. Some configurations won't take (conflicting destination port) or they take and don't work. I have some Raspberry Pi boards on ports 8081, 8082, etc, and was interested in knowing if the Esquilo could be set up similarly. Not critical. Just curious.