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Esquilo IDE Watches


In the IDE you can add watches, what I don't understand is why when I put in something to watch it says "not available" ?

What I am trying to watch is a local variable that is outside my main loop but used inside the main loop.

local currentTank = 0;

// Main Loop
while (true){
// using currentTank in here as a count holder.
// lots of code.........

If you want the full code I'd be happy to send it to you.




Only globals can be watched. The locals should show up in the stacktrace above and do for me using the code you have.

Sorry if this is obvious, and may not fit your design, but you could make currentTank a global and watch it then:

currentTank <- 0;

Thanks Patrick, didn't realize that made it global.

I really liked your write up of the Grove Starter Kit, I've used the buttons and LEDs before but look forward to trying out the other modules with the Esquilo.