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Esquilo IDE Question


Hello, are there any shortcut keys for the IDE. When I press Ctrl + F it comes up with a search box.

Is there a find and replace or other shortcut key strokes?

I'm so in a habit of pressing Ctrl + S to save and I forget I'm in a browser and not an application so of course it doesn't save but that sure would be nice if it's possible to put in.




The IDE editor window is based on CodeMirror so many of its default key mappings will work if we added support for it. We haven't hooked up Ctrl-S to save yet but it's on the TODO list.

keyMap.pcDefault = {
"Ctrl-A": "selectAll", "Ctrl-D": "deleteLine", "Ctrl-Z": "undo", "Shift-Ctrl-Z": "redo", "Ctrl-Y": "redo",
"Ctrl-Home": "goDocStart", "Alt-Up": "goDocStart", "Ctrl-End": "goDocEnd", "Ctrl-Down": "goDocEnd",
"Ctrl-Left": "goWordLeft", "Ctrl-Right": "goWordRight", "Alt-Left": "goLineStart", "Alt-Right": "goLineEnd",
"Ctrl-Backspace": "delWordBefore", "Ctrl-Delete": "delWordAfter", "Ctrl-S": "save", "Ctrl-F": "find",
"Ctrl-G": "findNext", "Shift-Ctrl-G": "findPrev", "Shift-Ctrl-F": "replace", "Shift-Ctrl-R": "replaceAll",
"Ctrl-[": "indentLess", "Ctrl-]": "indentMore",
fallthrough: "basic"
keyMap.macDefault = {
"Cmd-A": "selectAll", "Cmd-D": "deleteLine", "Cmd-Z": "undo", "Shift-Cmd-Z": "redo", "Cmd-Y": "redo",
"Cmd-Up": "goDocStart", "Cmd-End": "goDocEnd", "Cmd-Down": "goDocEnd", "Alt-Left": "goWordLeft",
"Alt-Right": "goWordRight", "Cmd-Left": "goLineStart", "Cmd-Right": "goLineEnd", "Alt-Backspace": "delWordBefore",
"Ctrl-Alt-Backspace": "delWordAfter", "Alt-Delete": "delWordAfter", "Cmd-S": "save", "Cmd-F": "find",
"Cmd-G": "findNext", "Shift-Cmd-G": "findPrev", "Cmd-Alt-F": "replace", "Shift-Cmd-Alt-F": "replaceAll",
"Cmd-[": "indentLess", "Cmd-]": "indentMore",
fallthrough: ["basic", "emacsy"]


Thanks a lot Scott, that's great.