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Erpc blocking when accessing via


I have a nut that defines some functions. If I visit a web page with the IP address on my LAN, I can use an erpc call to execute the "run" function with a short timeout and then use another erpc call to stop the execution. I can also make a erpc call that checks the status of the "run" function execution while it is still executing.

When I visit this same web page via, once the "run" function is executed, other erpc calls seem to be blocked until the "run" function is complete.

Why is there a difference? Is there a way to accomplish the same kind of behavior that I get locally by way of

function run(cnt){
countdown = cnt
countdown -= 1;
function stoprun(){
countdown = 1;
function count(){
return countdown;


I can answer the second of my own questions. (Sorry for not working a bit more on this before asking my questions.) I found that I can do what I want to do by using the esquilo timer class. The run function doesn't block other executions this way. I still don't know why things act differently between the two methods of access (local LAN and

loopTimer <- Timer(runloop);

function run(cnt)
    countdown = cnt;
function runloop(){