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EOS Release 0.6


We are excited to announce release 0.6 of Esquilo OS. This new release includes over-the-air (OTA) EOS updates, user controls, security features, IDE improvements, bug fixes, and more.

For the complete list, see EOS 0.6 Release Notes


That's awesome Scott!

I've upgraded all four of the ESQUILO's we have.

"When finished programming, the boot loader starts the image and removes the ESQUILO drive."

On three of them the drive was not removed and didn't restart or anything. The status light just turned off after blinking lots when I copied the new image over. They all had Micro SD cards installed.

The last one, a brand new, never turned on nor configured ended up with the status light on. Not blinking or anything, just on after loading the image. The drive wasn't removed either nor did it restart that I could tell. No Micro SD was installed.

I don't know if the Micro SD made any difference but wanted to mention it.

I powered down and then powered them back up and they were all good.

Just a FYI.

I believe 0.5 release did the same thing, the status light just went off if I remember correctly.

Thanks for all the hard work :smile: