An archive of as of Saturday January 26, 2019.

EOS Release 0.3.1


EOS 0.3.1 is now available. This is a maintenance release with only bug fixes and no new features.

See for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed telnet process task priority
  • Fixed lock-up condition in UART destructor
  • Optimized delay(0) to not suspend the Squirrel VM thread and to process expired timers
  • Squirrel stdin and stdout will now drop instead of block when buffer is full
  • Squirrel stdin and stdout buffers are configurable in IDE system menu
  • Fixed silent connectivity loss when DHCP lease expires
  • Improved AP auto connection management
  • Fixed problem with overflowing the WiFi driver command queue
  • Fixed problem where DHCP client would stop trying to acquire an address after so many retries
  • Added logging for WiFi and DHCP events