An archive of as of Saturday January 26, 2019.

EOS 0.5 problem with i2c


Installed 0.5, and the install went just fine. Tested the IMU with the Freescale board and got the following error:

Loading file 'sd:/LIB/DEMOS/IMU/IMU.NUT'...done.
Running nut 'sd:/LIB/DEMOS/IMU/IMU.NUT'.

%%Runtime error [the index 'I2C' does not exist]

*FUNCTION [main()] sd:/LIB/DEMOS/IMU/IMU.NUT line [12]

Reinstalled version 0.4 and everything still works just fine with the IMU. Reinstalled 0.5 and fail.


Appears that the debugger changes behavior. If I put a breakpoint farther down, the value is set. Un fortunately I am reduced to using print statements to see what is actually happening in my program.


EOS 0.5 now requires the use of require() instead of the explicit check boxes in the IDE menu. You'll need to add require("I2C"); at the top of imu.nut. We're in process of making the changes to the library and we will publish them very soon. Once we do, you can do a library sync to automatically pick up the changes.