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Communication between two Esquilo’s?


Is there a way for two Esquilo's to talk to each other and pass data to each other that is fairly simple?

I'm going to setup a pH probe, maybe two on a Arduino compatible shield made for these probes.


pH Probe:

My current Esquilo is taking temperatures of 8 probes and controlling 5 heaters for our anodizing tanks and memory is about full. Don't think it would take the code for the probes too. I've already disabled the LCD as it was taking quite a bit of memory to run it. Also there may be a distance problem so I was thinking if I could pull the data from the Esquilo with the pH Probes to my main controller Esquilo so I can display the pH information with all the other data I'm showing on my web page.




Take a look at the documentation for the HTTPC class. The erpc() HTTPC method is for making ERPC calls directly to other Esquilos without involving the Nest server. Here's the example from the docs:


temperature = HTTPC("").erpc("readTemp");
print("The temperature on the remote Esquilo is " + temperature);

Just make sure your DHCP server hands out consistent IP addresses or switch to using static IP addresses. That way the IP address in the HTTPC call doesn't change.


That's great Scott, I'll check that out.

Thanks a lot for your help!