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Breakout for 40 pin expansion


Hello All,

Here is a part that can be helpful for those wanting to breadboard the 40 pin expansion:
IDC Breakout Helper - 2x20 (40 pin)



I have one of these. The bottom legs are too short to work well with a breadboard. I push it down and it springs back up. The breadboard doesn't get a good grip on the thing. Should be fine with a protoboard.


With the "Perma-Proto" board, you can use Terminal Blocks or Configurable Spring Terminal Blocks so you can wire your connections. There are other components on this page PROTOTYPING .

There maybe other suppliers for the above items, Adafruit offers discounts on Wednesday. You need to watch their show on Youtube Adafruit channel



I used this 40pin breakout intended for RPi:

Amazon RPi GPIO Cobbler

or this cheaper one on Adafruit:

Just have to be sure to cut the vdd3v3 and GND traces on one side of the PCB. Thankfully, the other side had traces on each and every hole (at least for the one from amazon)..