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Blob string initialization expects integer or float?


I want to initialize a blob(200) using a string. I keep getting this error:
%%Runtime error [parameter 1 has an invalid type 'string' ; expected: 'integer|float']

I thought perhaps it was the length of my string (for 200 entries)... so I tried the shorter example described in docs and get the same error. Am I missing something?

local buffer = blob(3);

On a related note, if this works as intended, is there a method of putting line breaks in the code so I don't have to scroll all the way to the right to see the full init string?


After writing the documentation, we changed the name of that method from puts() to writestr() for more consistency in the libraries. We'll update the docs accordingly. Try this:

local buffer = blob(3);

To break a long string, you can use the concatenation operator:

local buffer = blob(100);
buffer.writestr("A really long string " +
                "that I want to break.");

Or you can use two calls since blobs are streams and remember their write position:

local buffer = blob(100);
buffer.writestr("A really long string ");
buffer.writestr("written in two parts.");

@Scott_Shumate Awesome. That worked perfectly. Thanks for the quick response. Now I have a soft S-curve servo movement and other goodies in return shortly.