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Best practice for serving up web interface


My boot.nut supports erpc functions for a configuration web page. I understand that if I try to attach the IDE to the Esquilo, the running nut is killed and this is by design. The killing of the running nut also appears to occur if I attempt to access the web page hosted on my micro-sd, e.g. If this is also by design, is there another way to access the web server on the Esquilo without killing the running nut?



Hi Brian,

The IDE issues a kill debug RPC call when it first connects to the Esquilo since an automatically started boot.nut runs without debugging support to increase performance. The ERPC calls are independent of that and should not affect the running nut unless the ERPC call itself is doing something that stops the nut. Even a bug or crash in the ERPC call will not stop the running nut and should only result in an error return.

Let me look to see if I can reproduce this and I will respond back.