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Any way to restart httpd server using code?


Saturday I lost an Esquilo board. Not sure what happened, turned it on and wouldn't connect to network or show up as a wireless router to connect to. :frowning:

Anyway I had a new replacement board handy and was up and running pretty quick but had such terrible problems with Server 500 errors, Timeouts, and other errors I can't remember. This from a computer (Mac) cabled to the router the Esquilo connects to (which is about 2 feet from the Esquilo) so I can't be 100% positive it's not a network issue but pretty sure.

I've had this problem for a long time now, some days are better than others and I usually have to power off then on to get it back running. I can't access the IDE when this happens either. (I'm going to try to access the FTP next time this happens just to see if it is a network issue,) I know my program is still running as I make a led turn on and off as it is running the while loop and it turns my heaters on and off like it should.

It will run perfectly for hours then boom it starts getting errors and I have to restart the whole thing. It's very frustrating.

I don't know if anyone runs a web page on the Esquilo that connects to the Esquilo ever few seconds to get data so am I overloading the httpd server with all the constant requests? Hours of connecting to the Esquilo every few seconds for data.

I'm at a loss and don't know what to do. I love the Esquilo and I'm working on a few other projects using it, probably not as intense as my Anodizing Controller but I'm able to get projects done much faster than if I had to use an Arduino or something else.

Is there another way to get data from the Esquilo than the RPC from a web page that maybe isn't so hard on the httpd server?

Any help is most appreciated.

The code is available for anyone to look at in my "My Anodizing Controller.. " post




Not sure what Happened, re-flashed the Esquilo and had to get in via USB serial connection to reset the network stuff but seems to be okay now. Will have to run some other things on it to see if it's okay.